No Smoking at Lansing Area Hospitals?

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Visit any of Sparrow Health System's facilities and you'll see a no smoking sign. It's the same message at Ingham Regional Medical Center. But some aren't satisfied with current smoking policies, so they're pushing for a campus-wide cigarette ban.

The Capital Coalition for Clean Air is one group involved in the effort. Viol Trice, Chair of the Coalition, says he believes it's something the community needs and he wants Lansing to be a part of the nationwide trend. Autumn Clos, M.D. is also pushing for a ban on smoking on land on and near the two Lansing hospitals. Clos says Sparrow leaders are committed to putting the issue on the table.

Nothing has been agreed upon yet. The Capital Coaltion for Clean Air says it has meetings planned with both hospitals next month and in its perfect world an expanded ban would be put in place within the next year.

Twenty-seven hospitals across the state have campus wide smoking bans in place.