Lansing Apartment Building Fire

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WIlliam Bentley was having dinner with his family when the fire broke out in their apartment complex. William ran outside, took in the situation and then evacuated his family.

At the same time, Chad Kimber heard a family calling for help from a third story balcony. He climbed up and took the family's young child down to the safety on the ground.

Within five minutes of the call coming in, Lansing Township firefighters were on scene. They were shortly joined by City of Lansing firefighters and the Delta Township Fire Department. Eventually there were more than 50 firefighters on scene.

The cause of the fire isn't yet known, but it originated in a second floor apartment bedroom.

There were two minor injuries - a firefighter and a tenent.

William and his eight month pregnent wife are happy to be safe with their son and cat... but realize they've lost everything and will have to rebuild from scratch.