Waverly Park Apartment Mix-Up in the Aftermath of Explosion

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When an explosion at Waverly Park Apartments left 33 people homeless, staff offered placement in new apartments at no extra charge. So you can imagine Juan Diaz' surprise when he got his new lease with a brand new rental rate.

"My new contract is $380 per month," says Diaz. He used to pay $360 per month and was promised the same rate when he moved into his new one bedroom apartment at Waverly Park. Diaz says he can't afford the increase in the aftermath of the explosion, which destroyed almost everything he owned.

Just a few hours after News Ten spoke to Diaz Wednesday, we spoke to the manager of Waverly Park Apartments. Declining an on camera interview she says it's all a mix-up and it's been fixed. Diaz signed in on a special rate and when his lease was re-written it was overlooked. Diaz' rate has been lowered to his previous rate and management says no one else has been affected.