One Teen Dead After Weekend Accident

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One teen is dead and another is in critical condition after they were struck by a car on Chandler Road in Bath Township.

Police said two intoxicated 19-year-olds were walking in the road when a driver -- who was sober -- hit them.

Many people said this was an accident that could've occurred whether or not sidewalks existed along the side of the road.

However, currently, there are no sidewalks and no traffic lights along Chandler Road -- a street located on the border of East Lansing and Bath Township.

Bath Township is an area rapidly expanding with Michigan State University students and developing businesses. Township officials said they aren't sure whether sidewalks are necessary in the area, but they said they are doing their best to improve the town and keep up with the growth.

Meanwhile, the city of East Lansing, which owns the property on the East side of Chandler Road, is scheduled to install a sidewalk on it's side of the road this fall.