Computer Systems Blamed for GM Benefits Issues

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A suspected financial mix-up is causing disruptions for some General Motors employee and retiree pension checks and critical benefits, and computers systems are to blame in large part.

It's what some might call a communications break down between two technology system. Union officials say effective january third G.M. switched many of it's benefits accounts from metropolitan life to Fidelity Investments.

It's around that time that some workers say they received less money in pension checks and a temporary loss of medical coverage.

The benefit problems could be a national issue effecting salaried and hourly workers as well as retirees -- spanning all U.A.W. locals across the country.

News 10 has learned the problem is due in large part to G.M. streamlining it's own benefit's computer systems -- and not specifically due to the transfer of benefits to Fidelity according to a g-m spokesman.

But it's a problem local and International U.A.W. leaders, General motors and Fidelity are in the process of correcting.

Both G.M. and local U.A.W. members want to re-iterate there are no cuts or ultimate changes in benefits -- just some glitches in the technology.

As for when the tech troubles will be solved -- no one has a timetable at this point.

Here are some helpful links and phone numbers if you're concerned about your benefits:

Fidelity/ GM benefits center: 1800-489-4646