Accused Rape Closes Daycare

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Ingham County Sheriff's deputies say 47-year-old Jose Hernandez of Holt molested a girl between the ages of five and eight. To protect her identity, that's all they'll say about the alleged victim.

She was one of eight children that Jose Hernandez's wife Claudia cared for in their home.

The home was a licensed daycare. The state's Family Independence Agency suspended the license with intent to revoke it. Since the allegations first surfaced, the children have not been back to the home.

Last Wednesday, the alleged victim told her mother her daycare provider's husband had assaulted her two days before. Hernandez was arrested Saturday for criminal sexual conduct in the first and second degrees. He was arraigned Tuesday morning. He posted bond, and is at home with his family. He faces life in prison.

Ingham County continues to investigate.