GM & Benefits Concerns

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A suspected financial mix-up may be costing some General Motors workers and retirees a portion of their pension checks and critical benefits.

Art Luna, Pres. of U.A.W. local 602 says It's starting out as a handful of local workers -- but could become a national issue.

He says beginning january first the automaker decided to change the company overseeing its pensions and other benefit accounts.

Luna, believes the company receiving those accounts may not have been prepared to handle the massive transfer of files and information.

As a result he's responded to a few complaints by some retirees -- finding out they no longer have health care coverage or they're seeing a much smaller pension check then they're used to.

News 10 contacted G.M.'s corporate offices about this story -- they said they wouldn't discuss it until after president's day

We also contacted the financial firm managing the new G.M. account -- they also had no comment on the story.