Malcolm X Assassination Anniversary

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You may have driven past it a thousand times and very even seen it, but its been there for 30 years. It's the only historical marker to Malcolm X in the city he was raised in. It tells the story of his life, on a plague on the corner of Vincent and Martin Luther King Boulevard.

"There's some degree of ignorance about someone we like to think of as one of our favorite sons," Eugene Cain explains.

Cain runs the el Hajj Malik el Shabazz Public School Academy, named for Malcolm X. If anyone would remember this day, you'd think it'd be the Shabazz Academy, but you'd be wrong.

"In our school, we celebrate his birth not his death," Cain says.

That philosophy is why they don't celebrate the anniversary of his assassination. Cain believes part of the Shabazz Academy's everyday mission is to focus on the positive in Malcolm X's life. He believes the city feels guilty for the racism Malcolm saw here and thinks Malcolm didn't like Lansing in return. He disagrees with the assessment.

"Overall, this was home."

Cain's far more concerned about a lack of education on Malcolm X in schools. For this school, this anniversary is one more day of a mission not to dwell on what's not happening to honor a Lansing native, but to make things happen.