Special Election Could Mean Lower Tuition for Some LCC Students

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Voters in the St. Johns School District will decide Tuesday between lower tuition rates and property taxes.

Lansing Community College is asking voters to say yes to a four mill increase. If passed, it would bring the St. Johns School District to in-district status, lower tuition for LCC students in the St. Johns area by 40% and raise property taxes. An owner of a $100,000 home would pay about $192 more in property taxes.

Bill Norton, St. Johns resident, says the property tax portion is going to be a tough sell. Paul McNamara, St. Johns resident, says he hopes people look at the positive parts of the proposals. In addition to lower tuition, LCC has committed to expansion at the Clinton County Center as well as the addition of classes. If the proposals passes it would bring in roughly two million dollars a year.