Mason Teacher Suspended for Air Conditioner

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Jill Mclaughlin, a 31-year teaching veteran from the Mason Public School District, will not be allowed on campus Monday after she refused to remove a window air conditioner from her classroom.

Mclaughlin, who's classroom is not affected by the school's central air system, says her classroom used to get up to ninety degrees during the beginning of the school year and that's why she bought an air conditioner for her classroom.

She's now being suspended for one school day.

Administrators asked Mclaughlin to remove the air conditioning system. They say the school would have to conduct a major circuit upgrade if several teachers were to install air conditioners. They say they are doing their best to provide an excellent learning environment for students with the financial resources that are available.

Mclaughlin says she is willing to pay for the electrical bills for her air conditioner. She says the athletic department and a family services room in the school have window air conditioners installed in their offices.

Administrators say air conditioners are permitted in those offices because the staff members who work in those offices are required to work during the hot summer months.

Mclaughlin says she would like the administrators to require those staff members to turn their air conditioners off when the school year starts, so everything will be fair.

Students have mixed feelings about the rooms without air conditioners. Some say the heat doesn't make it difficult to study. Others say it the heat is unbearable.

A few students are planning to sit in Mason High School's hallways or the air-conditioned front office during the time their teacher, Jill Mclaughlin, is suspended.