LSD Calls on Parents to Help With Future Plans

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The writing is on the wall, with question marks at the end of every sentence. The Lansing School District is calling on parents to help answer the questions in light of its vote to close five schools. Late Thursday night Board of Education members vote to close Allen, Maple Grove, Walnut and Verlinden Elementary Schools as well as the Center for Language, Culture and Communication Arts.

The district hopes to offer counseling for both parents and students as well as school visits to familiarize parents with new schools and programs. Student buddies and pen pals will be set up to establish connections among new students and the district would like to see a stronger working relationship with the new Commission on Neighborhoods and Schools. Within the next week there will be meetings scheduled for all affected schools in order to get parent and community input when re-writing district boundaries.

The district hopes to have all final decisions made by the end of the school year.