Teenager Shot Dead Suspect at Large

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An eighteen-year-old is dead after a gunman shot him seven times in the upper torso, Dewitt Township police say. Police are not releasing the victim's name.

Investigators say they're looking for a suspect named Tyrone Duane Brown. Witnesses say believe Brown shot the victim with a small caliber pistol outside Chip's Sports Bar and Grill just after 1:40 Saturday morning.

Bar managers say the victim came into Chip's Bar and Grill - located off the US 27 in Dewitt Township - to pick up his sisters after the bar closed at 1:30 am. They say when the victim left the bar, the suspect also left the bar. They say he retrieved a gun from his car and shot the victim a few times in the chest.

Police say the victim staggered to a vehicle (which turned out to be stolen, according to police). Police say they transported him to Sparrow Hospital, where he died. They say they found crack cocaine in the victim's pockets.

Police indicate they have detained the suspect on larceny, assault and drug charges in the past.

Anyone with information about the suspect should contact Dewitt Township Police at 517-669-6578 or 1-800-968-5121