Capital Area United Way Funding Falls Short

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Capital Area United Way raised more than $5.8 million for fiscal 2004, but comes up more than $500,000 short of the fundraising goal. The Organization is happy about the money raised by the community, but they were hoping for more.

About two years ago, United Way employee Jackie Allen MacGregor was arrested for stealing nearly $2 million from the organization over a number of years. United Way President Michael Brown says recovering from the embezzlement scandal and a tough economic year are a couple factors why the organization did not reach its goal. Brown also says public trust is coming back, and United Way is recovering, but the embezzlement is still an issue.

The Capital Area United Way put in a number of precautions after the scandal, including a number of people checking the organization's finances. United Way can always use donations. Money donated in the next thirty days will go toward the 2004 total. Call 203-5000.