Speed Limit to Go Up, East Lansing City Leaders to Go to Court

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It seems the speed limit battle isn't over yet even though the Michigan Department of Transportation approved an increase of 10 miles per hour in three sections of East Lansing.

On Saginaw Street from Coolidge Road to Hagadorn Road the speed limit will go from 35 mph to 45 mph. From Cowley to Michigan Avenue, the speed limit will go from 25 mph to 35 mph. And from Maplewood Drive to Northview Drive, the speed limit will be 45 mph; it's currently 35 mph and 45 mph.

The City of East Lansing says it will take legal action to stop the limit from increasing. City Manager Ted Staton says one section of the increase violates M-DOT's own Motor Vehicle Code pertaining to a commercial district. Meantime, State Representative Gretchen Whitmer is reintroducing legislation that would require M-DOT and Michigan State Police receive input from city governments when considering changing speed limits. M-DOT says it did that, East Lansing City leaders say they didn't listen.

M-DOT says the sign are being fabricated and will be posted within one week.