Recall Expands to Schools

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After a recall of some 27-million pounds of meat linked to a Listeria outbreak, the USDA says some of that meat may have ended up in the federal lunch program. Michigan is one of the states that participates in the USDA's commodity food service program, where some 3,900 Michigan schools receive food by the bulk for hot lunches.

But according to the department of education, there's no need to worry about a Listeria outbreak, as they're complying with the voluntary recall.

"We have no evidence that any school received any tainted meat. At this point, we hope that will continue. The voluntary recall is put in just to be sure it won't be shipped to schools," T.J. Bucholz, department of education.

While the department of education has notified school districts about the recall, those districts must follow federal standards regarding food safety.

"What they've asked us to do is segregate that from the rest of the food and hold on to it and make sure it's not served in anyway," Mark Mayes, Lansing school district.

The LSD found only one case of turkey at sexton high school, but it does not appear to match the shipment in question. As a precaution they've decided not to serve it and are waiting for instructions by the USDA. Most likely an inspector will come in to test the meat.