Purse Snatchings

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It's usually a snatch-and-grab, on-foot kind of crime, but these purse snatchers were brazen.

"I said to my husband, 'That car couldn't hit me," I looked and my purse was gone," Connie of Homer describes.

She's describing something that's happened to a number of people in mid-Michigan. Men in a four-door green Mercury Sable drive right up to a woman with a grocery cart, and a passenger grabs her purse before skidding away.

Blackman Township Police apprehended two men who they say did that to Connie on February 14 in the Jackson Meijer store parking lot.

They are in custody; two more are in questioning while police search for more clues.

The bigger challenge may be finding the victims because Blackmman Twp. says the crimes expand through Jackson to Washtenaw and up to Ingham counties. They know of at least eight purse snatchings are connected, but they believe more are unreported.

Blackman Township Public Safety officers say one or two suspects may still be out there.