Study Finds Flu Shots Not as Effective as Believed to Be

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The lead author says this study does not suggest older adults shouldn't bother getting a flu shot, but she says there are better ways to protect the high-risk elderly.

The author says healthcare providers should focus more on getting kids ages five to 18 vaccinated. This would cut down on the spread of influenza and researchers say will dramatically decrease the number of flu cases.

Another point raised in the study is making the vaccine more effective. Health officials say the vaccine is effective, but is more so in healthy adults than in the elderly.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says they will make no changes based on this study. Local health officials say this study should be looked at in perspective with other studies that show the vaccine's efficacy in preventing hospitalization and death from the flu.

Still they say the study does spark discussion about their strategy to protect the community from the flu.