Federal Fugitive Died From Deputy Gunshot

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We know now that standoff ended before it began, with a gunshot that killed their suspect moments after he went inside K's market in Laingsburg.

The sheriff's office confirms that Galbraith was shot by a deputy. That deputy is on administration paid leave as an investigation continues.

Sheriff Wayne Kangas says he's confidant policies and procedures were followed, and his staff "did what [they] had to do."

The investigation will also look at the chase, on Interstate 127 and then over 30 miles of back road in Clinton County. Kangas says Galbraith fired 30 to 50 rounds from a handgun and an assault rifle.

One bullet went into a house, into the kitchen cabinet. People were at home at the time.

Once Galbraith stopped the chase and went inside K's Market, the hour they waited before following him was careful police work, according to Sheriff Kangas.

The Michigan Sheriff's Association will appoint an investigator from outside the county to be sure this chain of events was by the book. Two deputies from Clinton County are on leave for both counseling and review.

We also know more about Timothy Lynn Galbraith. He was convicted in 1992 in Eastern Michigan for possession with intent to distribute LSD. He was living in Michigan at the time. He escaped his sentence when federal agents moved him from a Las Vegas federal prison to a West Virginia facility. He never reported. Police believe he'd been in the Lansing area for some time.