Flu Season Is Peaking

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Flu season is peaking in Michigan, but there is still time to prevent it. According to Dr. Dean Sienko from the Ingham County Health Dept., Michigan is one of sixteen states with widespread influenza- the highest possible level. Influenza-like illnesses make up 5.4 percent of overall physician visits in Michigan and 6.5 percent of physician visits in central Michigan alone. Even though flu cases are spiking, the severity of cases is mild compared to other years.

Three Lansing schools were closed due to flu-like illnesses, but not necessarily influenza. Health officials say an intestinal illness similar to the flu is sending most kids home sick.

Everyone is encouraged to wash hands frequently to prevent the flu, but the best defense is a flu shot. Influenza season is expected to last another month or so; many clinics still have vaccinations available.