"Why" in Fire Investigation Still Unanswered

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They've answered the "how" but not the "why" in the investigation into the car crash and fiery explosion that burned a Waverly Park apartment building on Tuesday afternoon.

In a news conference Thursday, Lansing Police Chief Mark Alley said they've interviewed the driver who crashed his car into a natural gas line to start the fire. They won't release the details of that conversation until they've submitted the information to the prosecutor.

Charges could follow. Until then, the investigation is open and the building condemned.

Thirty three renters have moved into empty units in the complex. The manager, Carla Roby, says only one had renters insurance. She also says they've been overwhelmed by donations.

They ask donors take things to the American Red Cross, Eliezer Church on Jolly Rd., Mt. Hope Church on Mt. Hope and Emmanuel Baptist on MLK Rd.