Controversial Sidewalk Could Soon Be Complete and Cleared of Snow

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It's what the city has been waiting for, a possible solution for the snow covered partial sidewalk on East Saginaw Street. The sidewalk at the center of seven-year-old Chantell Buckner's death. On January 29, she and her sister were walking in the road instead of on the snow covered walkway. They were struck by a man police say was driving drunk. Chantell died and her 13-year-old sister LaQuata Wright is still in the hospital.

The deadly accident prompted meetings and lots of questions from councilmembers wanting to know about the city's snow removal policy. At council's second meeting with Lansing's Public Service Director, a recommendation was made to complete the sidewalk on East Saginaw Street. A crosswalk would also be added on Prudden Street with more new sidewalk stretching up to Pennsylvania Ave.

The new sidewalk could be voted on as early as Monday. If voted through construction could begin in the spring.