Lansing Police and Fire Departments Continue to Investigate Apartment Explosion

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Investigators know what caused the blaze, but they're not sure why a 26-year old Lansing man drove his vehicle into a Waverly Park apartment building. It sparked a natural gas explosion felt up to one mile away.

Rumors were flying around the apartment complex Wednesday, everything from a police chase to a suicide attempt. Lt. Bruce Ferguson says there was no police chase and police have no evidence that supports a suicide attempt. But Ferguson says all avenues will be checked including the drivers medical condition and whether or not he was drinking at the time of the crash. The man lives at the apartment complex but is currently hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

Meantime, Lansing police and fire departments continue to investigate the firey chain of events. It could take up to one week for their findings to be complete and turned over to the Eaton County Prosecutor for possible criminal charges.