Priest Shares Tsunami Relief Stories

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Father Constantine addressed his congregation in his first Sunday mass since a harrowing trip to his native land with stories of his trip.

Armed with $37,000--much of it donated by his congregation--he told them Sunday he felt like Santa Claus.

Money went to causes like classrooms for a catholic school, a sewing machine for a seamstress, and a pickup truck for a convent full of nuns.

Father Constantine says very little progress has been made since the tsunami first wiped so much of Sri Lanka away, but he says, "If I can help one town build one church, and one school, that will be enough."

Once again, he's turning to his congregation, to raise money for that school and church. He's put a year deadline on his newest fundraiser, with plans to return in person with a $100,000 donation. It's a lofty goal, but he says his offering to a nation a ravaged by nature from one that has so much to give.