No Smoking at LCC

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Smokers at Lansing Community College won't be able to light up on campus much longer. Starting Tuesday, the school will enforce a campus wide smoking ban.

School officials say the most recent smoking ban comes after two years of student and staff discussions. Officials decided they wanted to make LCC a healthier campus.

In the year 2000, officials banned indoor smoking from campus, and in an effort to make the campus completely smoke-free, smokers will have to go off campus to take a drag starting October 1, 2002.

Smokers are still allowed to smoke in Washington Square, a piece of land owned by the city at the center of campus, but some smokers say it's a burden to have to walk that far to have a smoke.

A few non-smokers say they are glad the no-smoking rule will take effect because they don't enjoy second-hand smoke. However, some people have expressed concern over enforcement of the policy. Some say the school currently has designated smoking areas, and some smokers disregard the rules for smoking in those areas.

Officials say smokers who break the rules will be warned and educated about the new policy. They say they hope there will be no need for citations after most students learn about the new rules. Plus, officials say they will provide information about learning how to quit smoking to people who are interested.

Many smokers say they think the no-smoking rule is excessive, and some said they might change schools as a result of the ban.