Sexy New Video Game Hits the Stores

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Right above Leisure Suit Larry, in between Halo 2 and Mercenaries is Playboy the Mansion. A new video game rated mature because of nudity, sex and the virtual use of alcohol. The object, slip into the slippers of Hugh Hephner and create and issue of Playboy magazine. The back of the case invites all who rent or buy it to enjoy a fantasy world filled with playboy bunnies, wild parties and racy rendezvous.

Rob Martyn, a former video game producer, says it's not the first sexy video game released naming XXX BMX as one he's heard of. Martyn says it was marketed as an adult themed game and it lost popularity very quickly.

But with a famous name like Playboy this one could be sticking around although there's no way to tell yet. It's been in stores for about a week and the businesses we contacted say you don't necessarily have to show identification to rent or buy it.