Lansing City Council Members Discuss Snow Removal Policy

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Five days after the death of a Lansing child, city council members meet with the Department of Public Service to discuss snow removal policy. It's something that could have been a factor in seven-year-old Chantell Buckner's death. She and her sister were walking in the road, instead of on a snow covered partial sidewalk on East Saginaw Street, when an alleged drunk driver hit them.

Public Service Department Director Dave Berridge says its policy is to not clear snow from partial sidewalks. Tuesday, two days after the accident, the sidewalk was closed to the public.

Council members are looking at ways to prevent something like this from happening again and on Thursday's Committee of the Whole members plowed Berridge with a number of questions about equipment, budget and of course snow removal policy. The council and Berridge will meet next Thursday to further discuss the issue.