Unclaimed Property on Display

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The Michigan Department of Treasury is hoping to make some of you a little richer.

This year a record 87,000 people and entities have abandoned property with the state. The department acts as a custodian for three years, or until the property is claimed by its rightful owner.

These lost treasures are located in a secure state building in the Lansing area. This year more than $27 million in abandoned property and cash were returned to Michigan citizens.

There is no statue of limitations for claiming property. If abandoned property has been already auctioned off, individuals will receive cash value for property.

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Michigan Unclaimed Property Act

  • Michigan's Uniform Unclaimed Property Act protects unclaimed property and returns it to its rightful owners or their heirs.

  • The law centralizes the search for lost property. Michigan citizens trying to locate forgotten bank accounts and other property need to look in only one place: the Unclaimed Property Division of the Michigan Department of Treasury.

  • Unclaimed property is turned over to the State Treasurer after one of the following has occurred.
    • There has been no owner-generated activity in the account for a specific amount of time (usually five years).
    • Attempts to contact the owner have failed. If these attempts are unsuccessful, the money is turned over to the State Treasurer where the owner or the owner's heirs may claim it.

  • The claimant does not have to pay a fee to get his or her money back, it is a public service that is provided by the State of Michigan.

  • If the owner never claims money, heirs can always claim their property. There is no time limit for making a claim to the State Treasurer.

  • The money that is never claimed is transferred into the general fund for the benefit of all Michigan citizens.

Contact the Unclaimed Property Division

  • Mailing Address
    Unclaimed Property Division
    Michigan Department of Treasury
    Lansing, Michigan 48922

  • Office Location
    Unclaimed Property Division
    Michigan Department of Treasury
    7285 Parsons Drive
    Dimondale, MI 48821

  • Telephone
    (517) 636-5320

  • Fax
    (517) 636-5324

You can also get more information from our source: The Michigan Department of Treasury www.Michigan.gov/treasury