Head Lice

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Michelle Smith and Sara Fase say their daughters have each been sent home from school at least four times this year due to head lice. They have tried all the recommended over-the-counter treatments such as Nix and Rid. They also say they have washed all their linens in hot water, but the condition keeps coming back.

Doctors say head lice are very difficult to get rid of. All the adult lice must be killed and all nits, or eggs, removed.

Smith and Fase say they think the girls are getting lice from their school, Sheridan Road Elementary. But a spokesperson for the Lansing School District says there is no evidence of a lice infestation at that school or any other Lansing school. They say it is always an issue at every school and the school nurses send notices to educate parents what to look for and how to treat it.

School officials say head lice have not been a problem this year.