Final City Council Hearing

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For nearly a month, residents have been arguing whether or not Sparrow Hospital should be allowed to build a temporary parking lot in a field on the corner of Marshall and Saginaw in Lansing.

During Monday's 7:00 p.m. city council meeting, Lansing residents will have an opportunity to debate the issue in front of the council.

This will be the second time city council is holding a hearing on this issue. The first time it held a hearing - in early September - the council improperly advertised the meeting. As a result, opponents said they didn't have a fair chance to argue their side.

People in favor of the project are expected to argue Sparrow Hospital should be allowed to temporarily use the land while the hospital continues efforts to develop a parking structure at the side of the hospital.

People opposed to the project will likely present their feelings that land should remain an open field for people to use as a leisure area. They may also express concerns about pollution and traffic in the neighborhood.

Officials say the proposed lot would only be existent until the year 2004, when the field would be restored. After Monday's hearing, the case will be referred to the three-person Committee on Planning and Development.

If that committee agrees to move forward with the parking lot, the Committee of the Whole will then have a chance to review it and the issue could be up for a final city council vote by next Monday.