Snow Covered Sidewalks Causing Concerns After Fatal Hit and Run Accident

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Seven-year-old Chantell Buckner is dead and her sister is hospitalized after a hit and run accident Saturday evening. The two girls and a third sister were walking in the road on East Saginaw St. near Larch St.

Police say 78-year-old Luther Wampler was driving drunk and hit two of the three girls. But a snowy city sidewalk may have also played a part in the accident.

The walkway on the North side of the street is covered with four or five inches of ice and snow. The city says it hasn't been cleared because the area in between Larch St. and its viaduct is dangerous and the snow is intended to discourage people from walking there.

Roxie Waters avoids the area altogether but says she sees people walking in the road everyday. So does Renee Therrien, who says she even broke her ankle after she fell on a slippery city sidewalk in December.

A Lansing City official says plans are in place to shut the sidewalk off to the public, no word on if the walkway will be cleared in the meantime.