Expect a More Personal Security Screening for Thanksgiving Flying

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In addition to using electric security wands, Transportation Security Administration screeners are now allowed to manually pat down airplane travelers even on private parts. It's a procedure put in place shortly before the November election, and now it's being used to check for weapons and explosives under bulky, winter clothing.

Okemos resident Tina Kahn was not aware of the pat down screening when she arrived at the Capital City Airport Tuesday afternoon. Kahn says it's not a procedure she is happy about. Peg Frick, who was flying out to Washington Tuesday, says she would be shocked if it happened to her, but she's okay with it if the process will make traveling safer.

If you happen to be picked for a pat down search, it's important to know that you can ask for a screener who is the same gender as you. You can also request a private room if you don't feel comfortable having the screening done in public.

Pat down searches will continue at airports across the country as machines that could perform the job are tested.