Lawsuit Against Lansing Over Voter Registrations

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Practical Political Consulting is suing the City of Lansing, more specifically Debbie Miner and the office of the city clerk, over access. Under the Freedom of Information Act, the lawsuit says Mark Grebner and PPC have rights to a database with about 1350 registrations the city called fake.

Those forms were registrations turned in by PIRGIM volunteers in October. Cities and townships all over the area found forms in those stakes that were duplicates of currently registered voters. They spent much of pre-Election Day prep sorting out good from bad.

Grebner acknowledges many of those forms are fake, but he's certain some voters were listed incorrectly. He says he needs the city's database to investigate.

Miner says it’s an issue of voter privacy. She's turned over a printout from the database and copies of the allegedly faked forms, with birth dates blacked out.

The city council will hear about this lawsuit for the first time at their Monday night meeting.