Proposal 4

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Various health care organizations from around the state came together to oppose Proposal 4. They say the proposal would cut down on the quality of healthcare in Michigan, however supporters of the proposal say if it passes, it will take care of those affected by tobacco use, and ultimately save more lives.

It's a debate in full swing just three weeks before the November ballot that's enraging health care groups and providers: what to do with the state's tobacco settlement money.

The groups duking it out over Proposal 4 are mostly health care groups. One side says the state needs to do more to save lives, cut smoking and health care costs, while opponents of the proposal say Prop 4 isn't the answer to the problem.

"The concept sounds good but the devil is in the details. We don't think this is a good idea to apply to Michigan's constitution, which will make it difficult to change. We also believe the funds are being distributed inappropriately. Their formula is there but fails to accomplish what they're hoping to do, " Joe Damore, CEO, Sparrow Hospital.

But supporters like the American Lung Association, who've teamed with other health interest groups to form the Citizens for a Healthy Michigan, say a yes vote will save lives.

"If Prop 4 fails, the big winner will be the tobacco companies who will continue to addict our children and then we will not address the high cost of treating tobacco-related illnesses," Jim Moore, American Lung Association.

So while both groups agree on the underlying problem, it's how to go about it that will be up to voters to decide.