Grades Rx

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If that first report card came back with grades you aren't happy with, the first step is to identify the problem.

James Edwards at Erickson Learning Center recommends contacting your child's teacher. He says constant communication between student, parent, and teacher will help everyone understand what is going on at school and at home, and help hone in on the problem.

It is important to look at the basics. Study skills, organization habits, and time management are the building blocks to good grades. Help in those areas may be all it takes to bring C's to A's.

Keep in mind it may be one subject that simply gives you or your child trouble. Edwards says remember to focus on strengths, and not harp on weaknesses.

One-on-one tutoring may help get over the rough spots, especially if it is a single subject that is the problem. Tutoring like Edwards' team offers at Erickson is about $36 per hour.

Private learning centers:

For your school districts options, contact your school directly. Here are just some of the options, depending on where you live:

  • East Lansing students - Hannah Community Center
  • Okemos/Haslett - an alternative school
  • Holt - Wednesday morning tutoring; Study Buddies with honor students
  • Lansing - YMCA and YWCA tutoring; MSU tutoring; lists of one-on-one tutors available, etc.
  • Dansville - after-school tutoring for middle and high school students
  • Waverly - Saturday tutoring for middle school students; alternative school; lists of one-on-one tutors available