Parking a Problem at Attwood

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When 300-plus kids walk out of Attwood Elementary every afternoon, Attwood Drive becomes congested with cars. Parents picking up their kids tend to back up traffic, block resident driveways and delay bus and mail routes.

Principal Pat Fitzpatrick says it's been a problem since she took over as principal 13 years ago. She says a fire lane directly in front of the school is supposed to be off limits to parking, but parents do so anyway, and on occasion they are ticketed.
On parent we talked to says picking up children needs to be a more accessible process, although she's not sure what that solution would be.

A resident who lives directly across the street from the school says it's common that she has to wait more than five minutes just to back out of her driveway if she needs to do so while kids are being let out of school. On some occasions, her mail isn't delivered because the mail boxes are being blocked by waiting parents.

Principal Fitzpatrick says they send bulletins to parents regularly stating where they can and can't park. She says parents should do one of two things; first, they can park just down the street, but Fitzpatrick says parents want to be right in front of the school. Second, they could wait five or ten minutes before picking up their kids, thereby alleviating the congestion right when school gets out.