State of the City Preview

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No matter how many times they rehearsed it and rewrote it, the mayor's found no words can truly summarize a year.

Expect a fierce defense of the city's finances. Mayor benavides says Lansing is prepared for state budget cuts, and on course to make improvements, such as the Stadium Project, and the Kerr Project.

Downtown development is both a goal and a benchmark of success for the city. You'll hear the mayor tout $33 million in new projects, and talk about undiscovered ways to make Lansing a cool capitol city.

"]When guests come, they should know they're in the capitol city," he says.

For now, he's proud Sparrow Hospital will spend $13 million expanding their campus, convinced city market should remain open, and adamant declining enrollment in Lansing schools is rooted in quality of life in the neigbhorhoods they're home to.

The message: Lansing is moving forward. He admits its a confession that there are weaknesses to move foward from, but then again, that's what he says he's doing.

"I'm a lifer, so when i quit being mayor, I'ml not going anywhere.... I want the best for Lansing."

Copies of the speech with facts and figures will be available from the mayor's office on Monday and afterwards.