12 Days and Counting Without Power

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LANSING (WILX)-- It's been 12 days since ice storm hit mid-Michigan and hundreds of people are still in the dark. Not only do they not have power, but their efforts to reach the Lansing Board of Water and Light seem to be going unnoticed.

We talked to some of those homeowners and then went to BWL for answers...

BWL is reporting full restoration to its electrical service territory. But try telling that to the people still running off their generators Wednesday morning like Tim Powers.

"It's difficult, we want some answers and we want to be told the truth," said Powers.

Full restoration doesn't include the more than 300 people waiting to be reconneted.

"I had my mast up at 11:00 pm the night BWL told me I needed to fix it. Unfortunatly they left at 10:30 pm fully kowing the mast was almost ready.They dissapeared and havn't been back since," said Powers.

"They told us it would be a couple of hours and they'd be back. So Sunday at 10:00 am I thought we'd be back on, but nothing," said Brian West, who was also waiting for his power to come back on Wednesday morning.

(Both Powers and West have had their power restored later Wednesday)

BWL hopes to have everyone who is ready for reconnections back up by the end of Thursday. They've assigned more than 40 crews to finish the job.

"It hit every part of our area and it takes time..." said Stephen Serkaian, BWL Spokesperson.

Serkaian admits mistakes were made by BWL in handling the situation. There will be changes made in the future.

"We've pledged a top to bottowm review."

Despite mistakes, fortunatly there were no serious injuries or deaths reported during the 12 days of restoration.

The Customer Walk-In Center located at 1201 Washington Ave in Reo Town will be open Thursday from 8:30am- 5:00pm. Anyone still without power is strongly encouraged to stop by.

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