10 Arrest Warrants Issued For Jury Duty Candidates

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Avoiding Jury Duty could earn 12 people jail time in Jackson. The county has seen an increasing number of people not responding to jury questionnaires, and now for the first time, the county is taking action on those citizens who fail to perform their civic duty.

When 102 people didn't respond one week to the questionnaires, the court ordered them to show cause, or end up in jail. 66 people quickly responded, and took care of the matter prior to a hearing.

Tuesday night however, 24 people appeared at the hearing. They were fined $15 and then filled out the questionnaire. Still, 12 people have not come forward.

If those 12 don't show up before the county files the paperwork, they will be charged with a misdemeanor, be put in jail and may end up paying up to $2,500 for bond.

This is the first time Jackson has had to take such action, but the county says its a growing problem.

Coming up tonight on WILX News Ten, we'll look at why the sudden increase of people shirking their civic duty responsibility, and what are legitimate reasons a person can get out of jury duty.

UPDATE: The following ten have not explained why they didn't fill out the questionnaire. If you know the following people in Jackson give them a heads up, so they can get it taken care of and hopefully avoid jail time.

Arrest Warrants to be submitted for the following Jackson residents:
Joshua Faust
Matthew McCrory
Doris Payne
Miles Keniroff
Heather Hopson
Kenneth Salyer
Leonard Ketchens
Amy Barth
Jeffery Ockert
David Cox

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