Changes Underway

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Police and Hickory Woods apartment managers are working together to make improvements in the neighborhood after a man was killed at the apartment complex over the weekend.

Police say even though the weekend shooting is an isolated incident that stemmed from an argument between two acquaintances, they've been working with managers at the complex to improve security - including replacing broken doors, installing new intercom systems and upgrading the light fixtures.

Tenants said on Wednesday they noticed managers making efforts to clean up the woods and the area around the complex, where trash has been accumulating for years.

Managers say they plan to clean the area around the complex once a week.

The Michigan State Housing Development Authority officials say they conducted an inspection of apartment complex on Wednesday after hearing several tenant complaints as a result of the media attention from the shooting. They say they found some unsatisfactory conditions, but they wouldn't specify the problems to be improved.

The apartment complex passed a housing inspection in April, and MSHDA officials say they believe apartment managers will quickly comply with the necessary improvements.

Apartment managers say they plan to be cooperative police to improve safety in the area.