Former Lt. Governor Undergoes Surgery

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Former Lt. Gov. Dick Posthumus is recovering from surgery to remove his cancerous prostate.

The 54-year-old Alto resident said he feels good. He stopped by the furniture company, where he is a minority partner, for about an hour Wednesday, which was only a week after surgery.

“I had some concerns, but God has been good to me, so whatever happens, happens,'' Posthumus told The Grand Rapids Press.

His physician, Dr. Thomas Maatman, didn't put any restrictions on Posthumus other than forbidding him from lifting more than ten pounds.

At a regular visit last week, his doctor caught the cancer in its early stages. Posthumus is considered a high-risk patient because his father died from prostate cancer.

“They found a small amount of cancer cells, so they decided the best thing to do was take the prostate out,” Posthumus said.

Posthumus, a Republican who also was a state Senator for 16 years, has been out of politics since he lost his bid for governor to Democrat Jennifer Granholm in 2002