State House Hears Testimony About Legislation Regarding Gas Pipeline

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The controversy continues as a hearing is held Tuesday to discuss proposed legislation that would green light installation of the Wolverine Pipeline on Lansing's south side.

If the committee votes the bill through and it passes in the Senate then is signed by the Governor, it would reverse the Michigan Supreme Court's decision to let local government call the shots when it comes to expanding utilities. Opponents say it's lame duck legislation that needs to be passed on to the next session so there's more time to debate the issue.

Lansing resident Howard Edwards testified at the hearing saying he is sick and tired of legislature taking away local control. Chuck Madden, VP of Government Affairs for the Michigan Manufacturing Association, also testified, countering the comment by saying if one city can stop the pipeline from moving we're in trouble because we're a peninsula.

Members of the House Energy and Technology Committee are expected to vote on the issue Wednesday. Representative Joseph Rivet introduced the bill and expects it to go through without a problem and says it should be signed by the Governor by the end of the year.