Holt Schools Targeted

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A fourth grade classroom window at Holt's Horizon Elementary School is damaged, and thousands of dollars worth of computer related equipment are gone.

There are no suspects yet, but Ingham County Sheriff's Department Lt. Cindy Martin says whoever is responsible got in through a window and probably made off with the equipment sometime Sunday.

Computers, monitors, digital cameras, and other equipment were taken. Other computers were busted into and parts were removed. The school is equipped with a security system, but it wasn't set off. Katha Heinze, principal at Horizon Elementary School, says now school administrators will be taking a look at the system and upgrading it.

Holt High School's ninth grade campus was also a target, but no one was able to get into the building. If you have any information about the break in at Horizon Elementary School, please contact the Ingham County Sheriff's Department at (517) 676-2431.