Pennsylvania Ave. Bridge Closure

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Detours take northbound drivers west on Cavanaugh, north on Cedar, and east on Mt. Hope to come back to the Pennsylvania Ave. route. Southbound drivers go east on Cavanaugh to Aurelius, and west on Mt. Hope back to Pennsylvania.

Those detours are official, but drivers are cutting through neighborhoods nonetheless. The city says they will address that problem and enforce "Local Traffic Only" regulations if it becomes necessary.

Ingham Regional Orthopedic Center on Pennsylvania Ave. is used by about 250 patients a day. There are no emergency facilities there. They are making patients aware by mailing them maps of the city's detour routes with appointment registration forms.

CATA customers should also take note. Route 8 is changing, running on Aurelius between Mt. Hope and Cavanaugh. There are other changes as well. Check their website for details: