LCC Opens West Campus

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Lansing Community College's West Campus opens officially Monday, November 8th with a celebration worthy of the community efffort in building it. Students and faculty will be performing, producing the ceremony with video screens, and demonstrating the state-of-the-art equipment the facility heralds.

LCC's expansion cost $48 million for the land and building. The money came, in part, from a 2001 tax millage. Some of the equipment also comes from the community. In the precision manufacturing lab, for example, Haas Factory is lending equipment that they will use to showcase to their own vendors. They will replace that equipment with more up-to-date models when they are available.

The west campus is focusing on practical, hands-on equipment in fields like alternative energy and computer design. It operates on the premise that high tech, high paying jobs will be the future of the manufacturing economy. With an employment rate this month of 6.8%, Michigan workers need knowledge and education one step ahead of the rest to stay competitve in the field.