McPherson Makes State of the University Address

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Michigan State University President Peter McPherson addressed a small crowd filled with students, faculty and staff during his annual State of the University speech. He spoke about university advancements, plans for enhanced academics and MSU's financial status.

"MSU has been persistent in its focus and momentum-advancing institutional excellence across the mission while controlling costs and being a fiscally responsible steward of public resources," McPherson said.

McPherson emphasized the academic achievements of the incoming freshman class, saying it has the highest academic profile in the MSU's history. He also pointed out the Honors College has nearly 2,400 students, which is the largest enrollment since the college was developed.

McPherson discussed the importance of collecting donations and raising $1.2 billion over the next few years as part of the new fundraising effort called Capital Campaign.

Students expressed concern over rising tuition costs. While the president only briefly touched on the subject, he did commit to keeping tuition affordable.

McPherson also explained a few ideas for enhancing academic performance at the university. He said the Study Abroad program is a crucial way for students to become more sophisticated, and he said the university will work on making the possibility of traveling abroad a reality for all students.