AYP Impact

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You know the grade, but do you know what was done to get it and what else is happening in the classroom to try to achieve adequate yearly progress?

Some wonder if educators are being forced to concentrate too much time on areas of standardized testing, such as math and language arts, and not enough time on other areas. East Lansing High School Principal Paula Steele says that's not true. Steele says you do have a more clear focus, but it's one that's helping keep her district on top. East Lansing High School made adequate yearly progress, or AYP, two years in a row. Social Studies teacher Juliet McQueen feels AYP is a good thing, a target goal to work towards.

Jackson Public Schools Superintendent Dan Evans says AYP has affected the way his staff teaches, but he doesn't feel it's been harmful. Jackson High School did not make AYP this year.