State Lotto Winners and Worries

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Gary Peters, commissioner for the Michigan State Lottery, says Club Keno was the most successful launch of a new game in the state lotto history. In just one year it has generated $57 million for Michigan schools, something he says would not have been possible had Proposition One been in effect before the introduction of Club Keno in October of last year.

Proposition One, passed on election night, requires state and city approval for any new lottery game involving a table game, electronic or mechanical device. Peters says this language is very vague and leaves him wondering which games will actually be affected.

Peters says this could be bad for the lotto if voters deny the introduction of new games. He says games are successful for a few years, but once players become bored with them, they need to introduce fresh ones. If they are unable to do so, he says revenue may suffer.

Peters says he's sure a legal battle will ensue over prop one. In the meantime, Leo Urban, owner of "2 Feathers Roadhouse" in Holt, says even if business suffers because he can't bring in new games, the public has a right to weigh in on gaming.