America Divided

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Both President Bush and Senator John Kerry admit there is a wide divide in our country. Republicans, Democrats, and the citizens who support each party have ideological and philosophical differences which may or may not ease over the next four years.

Ed Sarpolus, Vice President of Epic MRA, a Lansing political consulting firm, says the differences in America begin at the middle-class level. Republicans have gained support of the urban middle-class, while rural middle-class tends to be more Democratic.
Sarpolus also says religion is a problem for Democrats because they don't want to offend gays or minorities.

And the war in Iraq has divided many Americans. Sarpolus says simply, Republicans feel the war on terror and the war in Iraq are one in the same, while Democrats think they are two separate problems.

Sarpolus says it could be a long time before there is harmony in Washington between the two parties because he does not expect the Bush administration to reach across the aisle too often saying, "They won by going to the right, why would they change strategy?"