Understanding Proposals 1 and 2

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Proposal 4-02 is a vote to amend the Michigan constitution to include a ban on gay marriage and same-sex unions. A yes vote is for the ban. A no vote is to keep the constitution as is.

Proposal 4-01 has been the source of much of the confusion. Ads featuring Gov. Granholm, newspaper endorsement quotes, and flashy casino graphics dominate TV commercials.

A vote for Proposal 1 would let voters decide every time a racetrack, the Michigan lottery, or other business wants to expand gambling. It exempts Indian casinos from such a vote. It is not clear if the Michigan lottery would have to put each new game to a vote, but it is possible that expanding their organization could be challenged by voters. The lottery says the money they contribute to schools in Michigan would decrease over time. The amendment does not clearly specify how and when these voter approval elections would take place. The legislature would determine if the gambling expansions would go on general election ballots, or if special elections would be held for specific expansion.