MSU Officials: Biomedical Building Is Secure

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MSU police are investigating reports of missing acetic acid from the Biomedical and Physical Sciences building on campus. They say they are also wrapping up an investigation into the theft of swine bacteria from the same building.

University officials say they have identified someone who worked at the Biomedical building as a suspect in the swine bacteria theft, which was reported Sept. 13.

Officials are now trying to find out whether someone stole eight four-liter bottles of acetic acid that are missing from the same building. Authorities say the two cases are unrelated, and they say the security in the building is excellent.

Some people who work in the building say everyone needs to be more careful about leaving doors open and unlocked when they are conducting research in the public facility.

Many of the hallways are secure and require keys or electronic key cards to gain access. However, some workers say because the building is so new - with a state-of-the-art ventilation system - drafts of air can prevent doors from completely shutting.